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The Star Cutter family of companies has been working with Industry Scope since 2020. Industry Scope has proven to be a trusted partner that has provided astute assessment, direction, and implementation of effective marketing tools, technologies and strategies that have helped us realize new heights in our sales and marketing efforts. With each new project, Star benefits immensely from Industry Scope’s ideal combination of innovative creativity, superior writing, and exceptional program management. Above all else, we are having fun! I highly recommend Industry Scope.

Mark Parillo
Director of Marketing
Star Cutter Company

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Metalforming Magazine

The entire Industry Scope team works diligently to provide top-notch content to the manufacturing-business press, including MetalForming magazine, in a highly professional and polished way. They not only serve their clients exceptionally well, but also serve the readers of MetalForming, who rely on us to provide practical, useful information that they can use in their daily jobs. This is what sets Industry Scope apart — their team truly understand our editorial needs and work to meet them. They are valuable partners to our editorial team here at MetalForming, and in turn are valuable assets to the metal forming and fabricating industry.

Brad Kuvin
Editorial Director at MetalForming magazine
Precision MetalForming Association

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Industry Scope continues to succeed throughout the many changes in B2B marketing. Our history with them tenures many years ago when print campaigns were the main stay of our budget. Yet despite the rise in new practices led by the digital age, Industry Scope remains as a leading source for promotional activities. It seems they are always one step ahead of current trends and are true knowledge experts in their field.

Their responsiveness to time sensitive tasks always amazes me, and Mike always picks up my call. Kudos to your team!

Mark Ullstrup
Director of Strategic Development
Industrial Innovations

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“Ridiculously creative” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Industry Scope. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael Bleau and his team for more than 10 years, during which I partnered with his firm for creative and writing services. Above all, I was impressed with the team’s ability to flex with a constant stream of project requests, their sharp responsiveness and their collaborative manner from project concept to project completion. Working with Industry Scope as a resource to elevate the brand and support the identification of new business opportunities will serve as a true differentiator for any organization.

Cheryl Falk
SVP Global Marketing and Business Development

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Working with Industry scope has been an incredible experience. They bring a well-rounded team. With their connections and skill set, Industry scope has created the best content COE has ever had. Blowing out all expectations. In fact, the first thing we are complimented on by customers who have visited our website is the quality of our video productions. Industry Scope is well equipped to help you do anything you’d like to pursue for your companies marketing approach. From rebranding product lines, reaching new customer groups and penetrating current markets deeper. They have vast experience in manufacturing and I highly recommend them.

Reid Coe
COE Press Equipment Corporation

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It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend Industry Scope as a world-class critical partner in helping us integrate, re-brand and grow Tooling Tech Group through, web marketing, advertising, website development, advanced creative tactics, and innovative digital strategies.

When we set out to find a marketing firm to help us fulfill our marketing strategy in 2018, we evaluated multiple alternatives, and selected Industry Scope as the clear answer to take us to the next level. Industry Scope listened to us, spoke our language, and fit in very well with our management team.

In our fast-paced, growing business, Industry Scope’s team of experts have been responsive, flexible, resourceful, and fun to work with. They understand our end-goal and help us daily in the execution of a creative and professional plan to get us there quickly, with measurable results.

Jeff Barker
National Sales Manager
Tooling Tech Group

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Industry Scope has been my trusted and reliable marketing partner for many years. We rely upon them for all our promotional materials, image building and tradeshow coordination. Their team sets the course each year by supplementing our strategic planning with suggested directions and budgets for all our product categories. Each year our reputation improves in every served market thanks to Industry Scope’s planning, upkeep and regular feedback.

Tim McCaughey
Global Sales Director, Automation
Lincoln Electric Automation

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I have had the privilege of partnering with Michael Bleau and his incredible team at Industry Scope for the past 10 years, and I can say with absolute confidence that they are second to none in the realm of industrial advertising, branding, and content creation.

From the very beginning of our partnership, the Industry Scope team demonstrated an unmatched level of expertise and insight into the complexities of properly positioning industrial companies in the marketplace. Their ability to understand the intricacies of their client’s business, target audiences, and the ever-evolving trends in the industrial sector has consistently left me in awe. I highly recommend Industry Scope.

Tim Doyle
VP of Sales
TopSpot Internet Marketing

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I’ve worked with the team at Industry Scope for a good portion of the past 20 years. That’s a long time – a whole career for some people. In all that time, we’ve collaborated on a pretty broad assortment of projects, including web apps, branding, communications, video productions, and internal marketing initiatives. Given the length of time and range of projects, it’s possible that I’ve forgotten a bunch of other things we’ve done over the years. What makes working with Industry Scope so great? Simply put, they deliver excellent creative ideas and practical solutions quickly and are a whole lot of fun to work with. Sniff. I love you guys.

Kim Rinke
Director, Global Talent Development
Dematic Corp.

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I’ve had the incredible pleasure of working with Mike and his team at Industry Scope on countless projects. What I love about Industry Scope is that they genuinely understand the needs of each of their clients and always take a custom-tailored approach to the creative ideas they formulate. It’s always exciting because it’s always something new and fresh!

Having worked with many creatives and marketers over the years, I’ve learned that having a creative idea is one thing. However, having creative ideas that serve a greater strategic purpose, and having the skill to assemble all those moving parts to a successful execution of that plan, is priceless. Mike and his team have that skill nailed down. It’s always a joy collaborating with Industry Scope!”

Jacob Kablak
Owner and 3D Artist

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Industry Scope is a first-class marketing company that drives a tremendous amount of value for TTG. Whether its branding, strategy or communications, Industry Scope breaks down the process into simple steps that are easy for our leadership team to implement. They really understand our business and are a valuable member of our commercial leadership team. We have a first mover advantage because of their ability to anticipate our marketing needs and present action plans to propel us ahead of our competition. TTG is a more successful company because of the service that Industry Scope provide. Thank you for everything that you do for us!

Todd Wodzinski
Chief Commercial Officer
The Tooling Tech Group

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Automatic Feed Co. has partnered with Industry Scope over the years due to their dedication in developing brand recognition through editorial PR, Website development, various marketing videos and featured articles in trade magazines. They also provide support with coordination for various speaking opportunities at conferences within our industries. Industry Scope is then able to take all the developed marketing content and tie it to email marketing and social media. Our relationship and trust have been instrumental in providing a professional marketing program.

Peter Beck
Automatic Feed Co.

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Industry Scope strikes the perfect balance offering personalized service you would expect a small firm while applying vast resources and experience you would expect from a large, international firm. And, they understand manufacturing and provide insights that others cannot. More importantly they tackle challenging projects while maintaining a fun and upbeat attitude—they’re fun to work with.

John Kwiatkowski
PR/Marketing Strategist
COE Press Equipment Corporation

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It is my pleasure to highly recommend Industry Scope as an efficient, innovative marketing company. Industry Scope worked for us on several projects in the past and due to their great professionalism, they continue to do so with great enthusiasm and success. It is fantastic to work with their team due to its speed, professionalism and concern to always be up to date with the latest trends in marketing technologies.

Ángel Dávila
CEO BA Automation Spain and México
Bilsing Automation

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Industry Scope has been instrumental in our brand recognition. They have facilitated LaserCoil being recognized in many feature articles in trade magazines as well as orchestrating speaking engagements in the highest profile conferences in our industry. Their knowledge in available marketing tools is second to none. From LaserCoil’s beginnings, they have spear-headed our logo and trademark development as well as our website development. After launching our product, they produced marketing videos, product packaging plans and gave us a social media presence on all major platforms. Industry Scope even brought in experts for us to talk to when investigating a new CRM for our company. They really are a “One Stop Shop” for all your marketing needs.

Jay Finn, P.E.
Product Manager
LaserCoil Product Line

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About three years ago, I was looking for a new agency, one that understood the machine tool industry and industrial manufacturing. It takes a special sort-of-someone to understand how to effectively reach the fabrication and manufacturing markets. After our first meeting, it was apparent that Industry Scope had the knowledge, experience, and creativity to support my branding and marketing initiatives. Since then, we’ve developed an awesome working relationship—one built on trust and confidence. They took the time to learn and understand our brand image and have developed and executed several successful campaigns for BLM GROUP USA. If I need something in a pinch, I know I can rely on Industry Scope to always come through and make it happen. They also are consistently bringing fresh and innovative ideas and methods on how to better reach my target markets. I look forward to continuing my partnership with Industry Scope!

Jennifer Taylor
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

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Industry Scope has vast knowledge of the manufacturing industry and the products and services that we offer. They have always been helpful in providing information and advice about marketing strategy, planning and the execution of our marketing efforts globally. They have accomplished everything from producing brochures, websites and presentations to orchestrating memorable trade show presence. Most significantly, the PR program they implemented have been a tremendous asset to our company, resulting in new sales opportunities we otherwise would have never known about. I highly recommend Industry Scope for any role through which they can contribute their remarkable creativity and expertise and I am confident they would take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Thomas Garant
General Manager
Bilsing Automation

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We have worked with Industry Scope over the past decade and enjoyed every interaction. They always find time to make themselves available, even on short notice! They understand our people, processes and who we serve, and they quickly bring our vision to life with minimal direction.

And they’re always on the lookout for and sharing new technologies with us so we all improve our skills. I give them five out of five stars.

Kristen Delphos
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Dematic Corp.

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I’ve worked with several marketing companies over the years and I must say Industry Scope has exceeded all others! The team is extremely responsive to our request and needs, often bringing us suggestions and guidance on how to increase our market share.

We have worked with the team at Industry Scope to release multiple new products. From the time we submitted the product to be marketed, to the time it was published was 2 days on average—extremely rapid response time as they understand market and the importance to react quickly.

They are constantly updating our media to keep it fresh and keep the light on our company and for that, we thank them!

Matthew Phillips
Automation Division President
Tooling Tech Group

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We are privileged to work with the industry’s best.