We start by getting to know you; what makes your people and company tick… what you do, how you do it, and who you serve.

Award-Winning B2B Agency Services

Our unique process

In getting to know how your company operates we apply our 5×5 process to identify the DNA of your business. This is an invaluable first step that sets the foundation for all the messaging we craft for you. It helps to ensure that we represent your business and brand accurately and consistently in the marketplace.

Define and set your goals

We then help define your marketing goals, producing a plan and the tactics to achieve them. These might include launching new products, building awareness of your business, expanding your brand into new markets and territories, or other activities. Based on your objectives, we select the communication channels best-suited to achieving your goals.

Some activities that may be included in your program:

Application Development
Color Studies and Corporate Style Design
Digital Advertising
E-commerce Development
Interactive Media
Lead Generation
PR and Editorial Relations
Product Branding and Packaging
Product Naming and Wordmark creation
Sales Tools
Social Media
Special Events Assistance
Paid Per Click Advertising (PPC or SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Tradeshow Support
Traditional Print Advertising
Visual Productions
(Including video, animation and photography)
Web Development

Real world example of 5×5

Watch this example of an animated video that quickly introduces a new product for COE, while highlighting the company’s design tenets. This follows the “COE Code” which was developed from our 5×5 discovery sessions.

Each business has unique goals, so we carefully prepare the right plan that maximizes the return on their marketing dollars.

5×5 ensures that the message and channels for a given business or initiative is the best fit for them. Want to know more? Schedule a free 15-minute Zoom call with us to learn how Industry Scope can help you.

We are privileged to work with the industry’s best.