Automatic Feed Announces Dual In-Die Conveyors for Faster Part Removal

Automatic Feed Company (AFCO) has announced the availability of its vacuum in-die conveyors that can remove multiple blanks through the exit end of the press, eliminating the need for side-out conveyors or side stackers as well as increasing productivity.

Based upon a standard Automatic Feed design, the sizing of the conveyor system is adapted to fit each customer’s die. These systems offer variable belt speed so that the part removal timing can be integrated with the press stroke. Venturis create a secure vacuum hold to maintain part orientation as they move along the conveyors.

The conveyor is driven by a variable frequency drive integrated into the coil feed line controls. The conveyors can reach speeds up to 650 ft/minute and feature user-friendly operator screens that enable individual programming of speed per part. Pneumatic power and control are supplied from existing equipment.

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