Automatic Feed Announces New PRO Series Coil Feed Lines Developed to Address Versatile Needs of Tier Suppliers

Automatic Feed Company (AFCO), well recognized for providing robust, precisely engineered blanking and coil feed lines to the automotive industry, has announced its new PRO Series coil processing lines. These new press feed lines are aimed at Tier automotive suppliers who are processing UHSS, AHSS and aluminum for applications such as inner body panels and stamped parts, which are not surface sensitive or surface critical.  Based upon a standard design, each PRO Series line is comprised of a single reel and coil cart, peeler, straightener, threading table and press feed, all designed for maintainability and reliability.

“Seventy-five percent of the material being processed today by steel and aluminum mills did not exist 10 years ago and suppliers are increasingly being relied upon to process a variety of materials, including high strength advanced steels,” said Joe Andriette, Director of Sales and Marketing. “With the PRO Series, we’ve taken our industry knowledge and equipment design experience and packaged it into high-performing, reliable, right-sized solution for their particular needs.”

The new PRO Series systems are available in three sizes —  the PRO 40, PRO 60 and PRO 80 —  and each can process coil stock from 4”up to 40”, 60” or 80”, depending upon the model. All three sizes are capable of handling material thicknesses from 0.02” to 0.25” at up to 160 FPM, and can process aluminum with yield strengths of up to 350 MPa and up to 1200 MPa for steel. Each model can handle coil weight up to 60,000# with an outer coil diameter of up to 80”.

These systems incorporate AFCO’s state-of-the-art leveler technology and include a straightener calculator for assisting the operator in making necessary straightener setting adjustments for needed coil strip correction, helping to reduce scrap and down time. The uncoiler reel features a servo motor for superior back tension control, which can be an issue in processing advanced steels.

The PRO Series lines can directly feed coil stock to a mechanical stamping press or a laser blanking system. The controls package enables integration between the press and the coil feed line as well as a pedestal-mounted HMI with touch screen control.

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