Automatic Feed Receives Order for Bundle Turnover

Automatic Feed Company (AFCO) has received an order for a Front- Loading Bundle Turnover (BTO) from a major automaker. This bundle turnover features lands and urethane pads that allow for loading and unloading of stacks with or without the use of pallets or dunnage. This equipment can flip stack lengths of 400mm – 2000mm (15.75” – 78.74”), stack widths of 1100mm – 4500mm (43.31” – 1772”), maximum stack weight of 7000 kg (15,400 lbs.) and stack heights up to 400mm (15.75”). Delivery is scheduled for December 2022.

Bundle turnovers automate the process of flipping over an entire stack of blanks 180-degrees bottom over top. This eliminates the difficult task and safety risk of flipping over metal blanks by hand or by crane while reducing the potential of damage to the blanks. Flipping blanks also allows the same blanking die to be used for making exact left-hand and right-hand mirror image parts.

In addition to the equipment, AFCO will provide project management, installation supervision, installation and Customer Plant Startup (CPS), ensuring the equipment functions at optimal performance.

For more information on Automatic Bundle Turnovers, visit Bundle Turnover Solutions or call 419-592-0050.

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