Automatic Feed Receives Order for Thread Table with Exit Catenary and Guides

Automatic Feed Company (AFCO) announced that they received an order from a new steel service center customer for an exit catenary thread table with programmable stock guides to replace existing equipment. This upgrade will improve functionality of the line, helping to optimize production and meet customer requirements.

The integration of this new automated equipment will provide an effective method for guiding the material effectively through the line.

The new AFCO design features three programmable stock guides per side for guiding the material while the feeder pulls the material up from the looping pit across the radius of the exit catenary table. Each set of side guides is independently powered. The side guides are equipped with independent micro edge sensing to allow variable coil width and off-center set up capability. Additionally, a small microprocessor allows for programmable positioning with feedback from the new material guide system, enabling precise adjustment to exact coil width.

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