Bilsing Automation Announces New Adjustable Tooling Unit for the Pressroom

Bilsing Automation has announced the availability new swivel unit tooling for use in the pressroom, a flexible solution to address the trend of reducing the number of operations in a press line by producing more parts via a single stamping.  Whereas most products can only be used at a specific tilting angle, the Bilsing swivel tooling is a universal solutions that can be adjusted to the exact degree required to grip and handle parts for each application. Additionally, as compared to other offerings, the Bilsing unit is 30% lighter for improved production rates and longer tool life.

The swivel unit offers a swivel angle of +/45° (90° max) and a compact design which is 20% smaller than other offerings for improved accessibility even in difficult-to-reach, tight applications. The swivel angle is easily readable on a scale located on the top of the unit.  Used as a single tooling unit, it weighs 3.6 kg (7.94 lb.), or a connecting bridge can be used to create a double swivel unit with synchronous operation and weighing 7.6 kg (16.7 lb.).

The swivel unit offers a holding force of 35 Nm with speed that is adjustable via air exhaust restrictors.  The end stops feature dampening shock absorbers to slow down and reduce the vibrations during motion.  Optional features include censoring that will automatically detect the angle position and a shut-off valve that locks the tilting position angle during installation and removal to ensure operator safety.

Designed for flexibility, the swivel units work with Bilsing’s lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum modular tooling as well as its entire line of vacuum cups.


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