Bilsing Automation Announces Vacuum Cup Gripping and Transporting Reference Tool

Bilsing Automation has announced the availability of its 25” x 16.5” two-sided Vacuum Cup Reference Chart for use on the shop floor. Designed as a quick reference tool, the guide enables users to quickly access information regarding selection of the most appropriate Bilsing traction cup for various pressroom applications. It features vacuum cup images along with an accompanying chart that provides ‘at a glance’ information on sizes, full and shear force ratings, and performance characteristics.  

On the reverse side is a CupFinder chart that provides real-size vacuum cup templates so that users can lay their cup on an outline to select the cup size and shape, and then pick the connector from the illustrated cup mountings. Once these parameters are selected, a cup ordering reference string explains how to easily designate the order.

The guide is laminated to provide extra durability and features grommets that enable it to be attached to a fence line for convenient reference and visibility. Additionally, if a customer has internal standard order codes for Bilsing cups the guide can be customized by adding a column to the chart featuring these codes.

Companies interested in receiving this Bilsing traction cup reference guide can contact Bilsing Automation at 586-463-0686


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