Blm Group Demonstrates Versatile LT7 Lasertube at Fabtech Canada

BLM GROUP is demonstrating its versatile and highly productive LT7 lasertube in booth #3031 at FABTECH Canada at the Toronto Congress Center, June 11 -13, 2024. The LT7 features a 3D tilt cutting head and can perform high-precision angular cuts in round tubes, square, rectangle, open profiles and special sections from 0.5” to 6”, up to 15.5 lbs./ft., and is available with a 3, 4 or 5kW fiber laser. Users can select the optimal loading and unloading length according to their specific production needs.

The LT7 provides ultimate productivity for the shop floor as it is automatically ready for each production changeover. At the end of each batch, the loader, spindle, chuck, and intermediate supports adapt to the new section to be cut, without ever interrupting the production cycle.

The system can be paired with automated loading and unloading as well as an optional thread insertion unit. This patent pending technology automatically installs thread inserts into laser-cut holes by press fitting, simplifying and shortening the processing time for mating an insert with a tubular component.

The LT7 is equipped with Active Tools including Active Scan, Active Weld, and Active Tilt, which helps the machine automatically adapt process parameters for optimal results. These tools, based upon the company’s decades of laser cutting experience, are designed to help produce high-quality parts, repeatably and independently of the operator’s experience level.

Also featured in the booth will be BLM GROUP’s ProBend all-electric press brake, capable of simple to complex sheet metal bending in lengths of 4’ – 17’, and the E-TURN52 all-electric tube bender, which offers right-hand or left-hand in-process bending capability.

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