COE Announces Combination Straightener-Reel for Light Duty Applications

COE Press Equipment has announced the availability of its new coil straightener and reel combination, an economical solution for stampers and roll formers who are processing light gauge materials for producing components such as brackets, hinges, moldings, and more. Combining unwinding and straightening in a single machine, these systems can be paired with a COE ServoMaster™ 1 or 2 servo roll feed to deliver a complete press feeding line with excellent control and features at a value price.

These systems can process MCRS, aluminum and stainless in thicknesses from 0.032” – 0.125” and widths from 3” – 12”, depending upon the material thickness. It can handle coil weights up to 4000 lbs. and achieve line speeds up to 50 FPM. 

They are offered in machine cream with right to left configuration and is powered with 440 Volt AC. The straightener features nine 1.97” power-driven rolls with 3.30” diameter entrance pinch rolls and a photo loop sensor.

The reel, with four-pad mandrel construction and four coil keepers, handles a coil O.D. of up to 48” and a coil I.D. from 19” – 20.5” using a hand crank expansion. It features an air-operated hold-down arm and a mechanical drag brake.

The value of this combined straightener-reel machine is enhanced greatly by COE’s ServoMaster™ 1 or 2 Roll Feeds, which feature ServoMaster Touch™ controls that can integrate with press controls to provide a complete and compact controls system with advanced functions that can be executed by the job recipe at the touch of a button.

The combination straightener-reel systems, as well the ServoMaster roll feeds, are part of COE’s Express Delivery program and can be purchased at the company’s Online Store. COE stocks a selection of equipment so that customers can have a machine shipped within only two business days of the order.

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