COE Announces “Science Behind the Solution” Calculators

Equipment Capability and Optimization Proven by Data

COE Press Equipment has announced its “Science Behind the Solution” calculators, a series of software utilities based upon actual FEA data used to prove to customers that proposed coil processing equipment can meet their processing requirements, as well as optimizing various operations.

“Since the introduction of dual and triple phase steels, we’ve seen customers sold equipment that was promised to process these materials, but unable to deliver,” said COE President Reid Coe. “Our engineering department built these calculators to verify that our equipment can withstand the forces generated in any particular application so that companies can be confident in their investment.”

The calculators require COE to plug in customer parameters, such as material to be processed, required speeds, etc., and once the information is entered, a special algorithm indicates the processing requirements of the equipment. COE has calculators that help determine the right processing equipment as well as ones that can help determine optimal operating parameters.

For example, the COE Coil Calculator simply requires input of the coil ID, OD and width. From there, COE calculates the coil weight, as well as run time of the coil, and parts per coil, allowing customers to better plan production and quote new work. Additionally, fabricators interested in seeing the feasibility of an in-house blanking line can consult with COE using their CTL Calculator, which helps to see if there is value to be gained investing in this piece of equipment.

COE is encouraging stampers to ask for actual data from any of their coil processing suppliers that can prove out the performance capability of any proposed equipment. Additionally, COE is offering to work with companies to evaluate other offerings, helping ensure that they are getting the right equipment for their processing needs.

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