G.H. Tool Adds Laser Welding to Die and Mold Capabilities

July 23, 2019 – G.H. Tool & Mold, a Tooling Tech Group company and a supplier of die cast tooling and machining services, has invested in an AL500 mobile laser welding system from Alpha Laser for making die repairs and engineering changes to mold cavity surfaces, as well as refurbishment of critical wear surfaces. As compared to other welding approaches, laser welding offers superior metallurgical benefits for improved die performance over time.

“This equipment will help us better serve our customers,” said G.H Tool’s President Dave Graves, “In addition to the precision of the pulsed laser equipment, we can work in a wide variety of materials, and repair molds faster and with more refinement than with other approaches.”

The accuracy of the laser beam allows for focusing into deep cavities and recesses in complex molds.
Pulsed laser welding employs lower temperatures than other welding approaches, resulting in a much smaller heat affected zone, which has a positive impact on how a repaired or modified mold will perform over time. With extremely short setup times and mobility, the AL500 laser will provide G.H. Tool increased flexibility for mold repair. The system will be operational in September 2019.

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