Tooling Tech Announces Chairman and CEO

August 2018 – With the recent acquisitions and ongoing growth of Tooling Tech Group, the Company is pleased to announce the following management changes to the business.

Founder of Tooling Tech Group, Tony Seger has now assumed the position of Company Chairman. Tony has driven the company’s vision and growth since 1982.  As Chairman, he will continue to lead the company’s strategic direction, focusing on growing the capability and capacity through acquisitions, partnerships and joint ventures.

Taking over the role of CEO and reporting to Tony will be Lee Childers, former Tooling Tech Group COO. When Lee joined Tooling Tech Group, he came with 33 years’ experience in developing strategies and leading operations for automotive Tier-1 suppliers.  As CEO, Lee will oversee the Company’s day-to-day operations including the performance of each business unit.  These responsibilities include purchasing, administration, IT, financial, and sales and marketing. Lee will review daily activity with Tony while providing guidance and direction to senior managers.

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