Tooling Tech Group Hires Key Account Manager to Serve Composites Market

Tooling Tech Group (TTG), a leading provider of highly engineered tools and automated assembly equipment to a wide range of industries, has announced the hiring of Brandy Badami as a key account manager for the company’s composites tooling and automation equipment produced by the company’s Century Tool and Century Automation groups. Badami will be responsible for working with both teams to support and develop business with key customers, including overseeing tooling trials and automation equipment reviews and acceptance events.

Badami brings extensive experience in account management to the position, with a broad understanding of customer service and strategies for business growth, as well as quality certification and audit knowledge. Her understanding of composites is supported by her former position at Roush Industries where, as business development manager/ program manager for additive manufacturing, she developed over 50 accounts serving both automotive and aerospace customers.

Century Tool (Fenton, Michigan) is recognized for building high-quality compression molds for composite components used in a variety of industries while Century Automation (Temperance, Michigan) specializes in developing automation for composite molded assemblies and assembly equipment for composite applications such as bonding, routing, drilling and fastening.

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