Automatic Feed Announces In-Stock Equipment Program

Automatic Feed Company (AFCO) announces its in-stock equipment program, designed to improve program launch times for automotive customers. AFCO keeps an inventory of its precision cassette levellers, manufactured to stock and ready for completion to customer specifications within a short delivery time.

The in-stock HD-HSS or XLC-HSS levelers are designed to handle coil width up to 84”and capable of processing a wide range of materials including advanced and ultra-high-strength steels, tailor welded blanks, and surface critical steel and aluminum.

Additionally, AFCO currently has remanufactured pressroom automation equipment in stock and ready to be rebuilt to meet customer specifications. These machines are warrantied as new, upgraded as needed with new drives, motors or components, and delivered within a short time frame.

“Our ability to inventory this level of equipment shows our focus on customer service as well as our financial stability,” said CEO Peter Beck. “We are proud that we can help our customers eliminate downtime and launch more efficiently through this in-stock program.”

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