Bilsing Announces Laser Metal Deposition Repair Services for Aero Components and Automotive Dies

Bilsing Automation has announced the addition of laser metal deposition (LMD), an additive manufacturing process also known as laser cladding, to its service offerings for the repair of aviation components such as landing gear bearing rings and automotive stamping or casting dies. As compared to traditional cladding processes, such as thermal spray or arc welding, LMD provides a better metallurgical bond, enhanced corrosion protection, a smaller heat affected zone and less distortion.

In this additive manufacturing process, material is added to worn or corroded surfaces or new features to accommodate design changes. Metal powder is fed into a laser beam, which is scanned across a surface where it deposits powder material in a precise web-type formation. Components or tooling can be modified or repaired without having to reproduce the entire part.

The technology is scalable and can be used to fabricate or repair parts measured in millimeters to meters. Additionally, it provides faster and more cost-effective repair. Additionally, it is an environmentally-friendly process.

This service is provided at Bilsing Automation Turkey, which holds aviation industry certifications in EASA Part-145, FAA 14 CFR 145/43, GACAR Part 145/43 and SHY Part 145. Interested companies should call +902 242 113 376 or email


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