Die Cad Group Announces Transfer Press Optimization Service

Oct. 9, 2019 – Die Cad Group, a Tooling Tech Group company, has announced its Transfer Press Optimization service, enabled by investment and expertise in T-Sim Transfer Press Simulation software. This service provides key insights into the transfer die process by identifying crashes, clearance issues and inefficient transfer system curves prior to any machining of the dies, helping to save considerable time and money. Die Cad can also simulate and optimize existing tools for companies to increase capacity in current press operations.

“Trouble shooting in the virtual world has many benefits,” said Die Cad President Mary Nicholson, “Not only does it ensure the die is designed and machined correctly, but we are often able to achieve 20% productivity gains for our customers through this optimization service.” 

With the capabilities enabled by the T-Sim software, Die Cad can analyze incoming part files, fix clash and clearance violations, identify required tool design changes, and make adjustments to achieve the highest SPM without having to go through physical trial and error on the stamping floor.  This applies to servo, mechanical and hydraulic presses, regardless of manufacturer.

The company hosts a variety of CAD platforms, enabling efficient transmittal of data to and from customer facilities via a secure FTP site. Die Cad also employs additional simulation, CAM and inspection software to seamlessly move jobs from part design to mold/die design to simulation to manufacturing.  

To support the simulation and optimization service, Die Cad has developed a series of standardized worksheets that make it very simple for customers to request this process.

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